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Jose Torresma | Palma Mallorca, 1976

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Jose Torresma (Palma Mallorca, 1976) is an active professional actor who has stood up for his long career in the field of television advertising.He has starred in fiction films such as “Retorno” by Marcos Callejo ( available on the “” Platform) for which he won the Best Actor Award at the 2019 International Film Festival “Films InFest”.He has also participated in numerous short films, such as multi-award winning “Background” by spanish filmmaker Toni Bestard.He is part of the cast of the Netflix movie “The Fuck it List”  by Michael Duggan.



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An actor who, while searching for his dream of working in the Hollywood Industry, is followed by a multitude of funny, strange, extravagant and surreal stories, situations, characters and anecdotes while making a personal analysis of a country.This book presents us with a fresh and original point of view at North America from the author´s personal experience.

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Jose Torresma
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